ZEOSIMAL Project of Malpica Silicates

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The Hazitek programme of the Basque Government meets the objective of helping companies to develop new products and plans for industrial research and experimental development of a strategic nature.

At Silicatos de Malpica we participate with the ZEOSIMAL project focused on obtaining solutions for the decarbonisation of industry from zeolites, ordered crystalline materials that are capable of absorbing and separating mixtures of the smallest gases by acting as molecular sieves.

For example, SiOLITE® 13X is a material of great interest for the capture and sequestration of CO2 in the fight against climate change and for the efficient generation of pure oxygen from air for use in oxy-combustion processes or for medical applications.

Initiatives such as the Hazitek programme contribute to the development and research of new materials that allow us to be more competitive and advance in the creation of effective solutions for industry and the environment.

Project n° ZL-2022/00914 - ZEOSIMAL proiektua